An excerpt from

Daddy in Waiting

by Karen Potter

June 2005

Silhouette Romance

ISBN: 037319773X

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What would her great-grandmother say about her decision to have a baby without snagging a husband first?

Jenny Ames turned the squeaky swivel chair to face the window and squinted into the bright sunlight of a perfect fall Cincinnati day. Spotting the cloud she suspected held her great-grandmother’s restless spirit, she sighed.

The grand old lady, gone for nearly ten years, haunted Jenny still. She fussed about Jenny’s posture, the clothes she wore, the foods she ate, the friends she chose.

Jenny grinned. Grandmother would have had a double coronary at the first mention of the words sperm bank anyway, so everything after that would have been a waste of breath.

Too bad she’d never know her great-great grandchild.

As for her own parents, Jenny gave only a fleeting thought. They were probably too busy bed hopping across the Australian outback in the guise of documentary filmmakers to be curious about her baby.

If Jenny had told them about the baby.

Which she hadn’t. They didn’t know the first thing about loving or protecting a child anyway, so why bother? She and Alexis would be a family of two, and they would be the happiest family the world had ever seen. Jenny had learned from experts what not to do, and she was determined never again to place her happiness in someone else’s hands.

Pulled from her musings by the opening of the office door, Jenny’s gaze went to the tall, tanned man who entered. Brown hair, brown eyes, irresistible as a chocolate bar. An unfamiliar thrill tore through her, but she fought it. Seven and-then-some months pregnant was not the time to be getting swept away by strange, albeit handsome, men.

His over-abundance of sex appeal was clothed to perfection in an Armani suit and he carried a briefcase made from the skin of some unfortunate reptile. Jenny wondered if he’d wrestled it down himself. His dark eyes showed no emotion; not pleasure, not welcome, not a spark of friendliness. The solid set of his jaw bespoke a mild annoyance. He looked wealthy, confident and determined. Very determined.

Jenny felt instantly intimidated. They seldom had unexpected visitors at the Prescott foundation. Although the nameplate on her office door said Executive Director, today she wore the receptionist hat. In the two-person office, both she and her assistant changed hats often, never caring how the arrangement looked to the outside world as long as the job got done.

She straightened her back and arranged the jacket of her prim business suit to cover her belly. She smiled. He didn’t.

“May I help you?” she asked.

“I’m here to see Genevieve Marie Ames,” he said brusquely. “Is she in?”

Jenny suppressed a shiver of fear. Who was this man and what did he want with her?

“Is she?” he repeated.

“Excuse me, is she what?”

“Is Miss Ames in her office?”

Ah, reprieve.

“I’m sorry. Miss Ames is not in her office.” Well, technically she wasn’t, but he didn’t need to know that. She shrugged, excusing her little white lie. “Would you like to leave a message?”

As she reached for a pad and pencil the lapels of her jacket fell away to reveal her belly. Tall, dark and dangerous leaned forward to offer his card. His hand froze in mid-air as his eyes made contact with the very visible evidence of her pregnancy.

Jenny had been stared at before. Most pregnant women were fair game for the leerers of the world, but never before had she been looked at with such possession. It was like being touched by invisible hands...only much more frightening.

The office door opened and from the corner of her eye Jenny saw her assistant breeze in.

“I’ve got to run to the mail room, but then I’ll be back, Jenny,” she heard Nancy shout.

“Jenny? Would that be short for Genevieve, by any chance?”

“Who are you?” Jenny asked.

“My name is Matt Hanson.” He released the business card and it fluttered to the desk. He pointed a slender finger at her belly.

“And I believe that’s my baby.”


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From the book: Daddy in Waiting

By: Karen Potter

Imprint and Series: Silhouette Romance

Publication Date: 6/2005

ISBN: 0-373-19773-X

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